Friday, July 24, 2009

Health Care and Swine Flu

The most harm to the most people ... let's look to Congress and start taking names for the execution squads ... that is, denying health care to any Congressmen who deny us health care.

NY Times: "U.S. health officials say swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years."

four in ten Americans will require health care in the next two years. Four in ten workers will not be able to work -- with the related economic effects due to loss of their services.

NY Times: "There have been 302 deaths and nearly 44,000 reported cases, according to numbers released Friday morning."

Seven out of every thousand who contract Swine Flu will die. A "The most harm to the most people" doctrine will therefore seek to achieve the death of at least 988,000 Americans. The Republicans in Congress -- who are blocking Universal Health care -- are seeking to murder a million Americans.

Now that makes for an effective use of their "most harm to the most people" doctrine -- how else can they kill so many Americans? Start a war? They did that under Bush 41 and again under Bush 43 -- and it failed to expand into any significant numbers.

Obviously, the Swine Flu and a lack of health care can ensure the death of six in every thousand uninsured. These guys are good ... and the Evangelical Christians are showing their concern for these lives -- for the right to life -- by supporting those who oppose Universal Health Care.

NY Times: "The World Health Organization says as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population." Obviously this means lots of dead people ... and even more if there are more diseases ... oh right ... there are ...

Shall we CHEER an Evangelical & Right-wing "Most harm to the most people" doctrine?

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Dissension within Democratic ranks over President Barack Obama's health care initiative all but paralyzed the House Friday, typifying just how many political land mines are littering the path to enactment." Seems there are Democrats who also support "The most harm to the most people" doctrine.

". The Republican National Committee has taken to issuing news releases headlined "Chaos" that highlight disagreements within the Democrats' ranks." And so the Republicans are already cheering the prospect of murdering over a half million Americans.

Let's start taking names -- finding out who is signing off on the death warrants and who are on the cheering squads ...

Let's start taking names ... so we know who to charge with murder when the Swine Flu, or some other deadly disease, begins to take its toll.

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