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Ben Lipton - performer

Interesting area of inquiry concerning:
Benjamin Leipshitz 26 Jul 1895-Apr 1964

1. He is reputed to have been a song & dance man who appeared in the original Broadway production of “No No Nanette.”
2. It is believed that he never married, and had no children – but this might be incorrect.
3. It is possible that he used the stage name of Stanley Lipton – whose name appears in the cast of:
a) “No, No, Nanette” opened at Globe Theatre, (9/16/1925 - 6/19/1926) Performances: 321
b) “The Dubarry” opened at George M. Cohan's Theatre, (11/22/1932 - 2/4/1933) Performances: 87 – where he would have worked with Vincente Minnelli – father of Liza Minnelli.

Here are the matches for LIPTON in the people category.
People Found: 21 ( 1 Page(s) )
1 Miss Lipton [Performer]
2 Albert Lipton [Stage Manager]
3 Ann Lipton [Performer]
4 Bill Lipton [Performer]
5 Blanche Lipton [Performer]
6 Bronna Lipton [Performer]
7 Celia Lipton [Performer, Producer] ( b. Dec 25, 1923 )
8 Clair Lipton [Performer]
9 Dan Lipton [Composer]
10 Dan Lipton [Musician, Musical Director, Composer]
11 George Lipton [Performer] ( b. circa.1917 - d. Mar 9, 1962 )
12 James Lipton [Producer, Writer, Lyricist, Performer] ( b. Sep 19, 1926 )
13 Logan Lipton [Performer]
14 Lynne Lipton [Performer]
15 Martha Lipton [Performer]
16 Michael Lipton [Performer]
17 Rose Lipton [Performer]
18 Sondra Lipton [Performer]
19 Stanley Lipton [Performer]
20 Celia Lipton Productions, Inc. [Producer]
21 James Lipton Productions [Producer]
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The curiosity, Stanley Lipton was also the name of the character in “No, No, Nanette” – and the family name was legally changed to Lipton in 1926/27.

When Ben died, intestate (in 1962), he apparently had amassed an after tax estate approximating a quarter million dollars – which was divided among the family. In today’s dollars, that amount comfortably exceeds one million – how did he amass that money; what other productions was he involved with?


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