Thursday, May 31, 2007

Revive that corpse

Date Line May 31, 2007

Now the media can be really insulting to Christians. Consider this story of an Indian family who exhumed their son's corpse to revive him

OK, so they are Hindu, but the whole of Christianity, and the literalist arguments of Creationism, are predicated on the dead being brought back to life.

More important, the Christian Bible tells us quite explicitly that this ability, the power to bring the dead back to life, can be taught; and that it was taught. Moreover, the teaching was used for the next seventy or so years after the crucifixion; or, at least, so goes the teaching that justifies the sainthood of of several apostles.

In any even, the corpse of a twenty-one year old Indian man, Arun Majhi, was exhumed by his family in a remote eastern village in the belief that a witch doctor could bring him back to life, three days after he died.

Majhi, died of a snake bite while looking for firewood in the jungle near his home. Unfortunately, his grieving family buried him the same day. That does not seem to be conducive to resurrection, unless the burial is above ground in a tomb.

The wire service article concluded: “Superstitions are widespread in India, especially in rural areas where an ineffectual schooling system has left millions illiterate and uneducated.”

Well DUH! All of Christianity is based on that same superstition. It is a religion whose basic tenet is that the dead can be brought back to life, and that the ability to do so can be taught; hence within the power of mere mortals.

Read the story of Lazarus. (John 11-12) He had been dead four days and was decomposing, the tomb stank of the process, yet Lazarus was brought back. What Christian can deny the Hindu? What Christian can deny “whosoever asks” (Jo 11: 22) which places no restrictions of faith on the deed?

Of course the Christians would deny the Hindu. All Christians are hypocrites who deny their own beliefs and tenets of their alleged faith. A Christian prefers to kill, to injure, to attack, to murder those of foreign lands. Doubt that? Bush is a Born-again Christian.

Curiously, the story of Lazarus tells us that the High Priest of Israel that year, presumably a Cohen and heir to Aaron, prophesied that Jesus would die for the Nation of Israel (Jo 11:15)and all those scattered abroad. What haplogroup was so scattered?

Fifty-two percent of Ashkenazi Levites are Hg R1a1, the largest group of all Jews are Hg J1. The Brahmin class, the high priests, of India is also composed of J1 and R1a1. Thus we have a biblical argument that the death would be for the salvation of these two haplogroups.

Of note: It was Hg J1 and Hg R1a1which Nazis sought to exterminate; and it is these haplogroups which both survived and rose to the very pinnacle of peace loving, productive, members of societies around the world.

Let us enjoy the death of this American Christian nation. Let us see its death at the hands of those who claim it as their own. Watch as the budget is busted. Watch as they sell their souls to the Asians; and as they prevent the energy from leaving the ground until such time as its owners shall demand extraordinary fees for tar.

It is a day of prophecy. A day of seeking to enlighten with words of darkness. Let us laugh and rejoice at the ignorance and anger of the hypocrites and fools.

This is the time of mystic-voices. This is the time of the end. Or so they proclaim as they do all they can to make it so. Watch as we are to stagnate. Watch as the fools go counter to the culture of the world. Watch as their counter parts enact forces and powers of self-destruction; never understanding that they shall pass unremembered.


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