Monday, February 05, 2007

Men of Renown -- legend, myth, or hard fact?

In the time of Noah, the mythology states, the sons of G-d came to the daughters of man and begot of them children – the men of renown.

The floods we know of: The ice age when the earth was covered with frozen water (at least in part); The Adriatic Sea to the east of Italy, which flooded within the memory of modern man; the Black Sea, which also flooded within the memory of modern man; these are the floods to which we can point.

We can look to the Black Sea and Adriatic where people did live on land below what is now water. We can look to these locales and find something I have written of before – their yDNA. These locales are the locale of origin of the R1a and R1a1 clusters.

Were these the “men of renown” of which we were told? It is a query we can test; one which has a wealth of objective evidence.

It is from these people that we have modern writing – theirs was the forerunner to all the known written language forms. From them came the alphabet and ancient Hebrew.

It is they who founded the Semitic languages, styles and mythology – and also gave us the Greek myths. For that matter, they path across the known world can be connected to every myth commonly found. The most notable, and the one most often used to argue biblical truth, is that of the flood.

Why would a flood be of importance to these people? Because it cost them their land and homes? Or because it explained their primary, most universally noteworthy, characteristic – they were the sea people of old; the masters of the sea and wind; the inventors of old.

We look to scripture and have tales of Cain and Able. Able was the Shepard who gave to G-d the best of his flock; Cain, the jealous older brother, who gave only of his crops. It was Cain who killed Able – as the Canaanite killed those who had occupied the Levant.

The Levant, the cradle of farming which stretched from Judea to the Turkish Black Sea. It was here that the farmers displaced the Shepard – as they had to do to protect their crops from the shepard’s herds.

It was in the Levant that the first mud brick homes appear; and it there that the earliest cities emerged. It was in the land of Canaan, the land of the Philistine, Phoenician, Assyrian and Hittite, where civilization emerged. Are those not the names of the peoples known as “men of renown”?

It was these same people, as the Hyksos – or the women among them, called Amazons – who first forged iron invented the spoked wheel and ships keel. Are these not the “men of renown” upon whose work all of civilization was built? Is it any wonder that scripture mas marked them for life? Are we not commanded to leave alive and not injure those who carry the “Mark of Cain” – the builders of cities and inventors of all things?

Who are these people? The are the core of the Ashkenazi, the founders of the Brahmin and other castes known as direct descendants of the sons of the founding deity. They are the men of stature and renown throughout all cultures or times.

They walk among you today. They gain notoriety without effort – achieve with grace and ease that which they seek to accomplish. They are people who have a drive to learn, discover, explore and know.

It is they, this sole genetic line, which is and shall always be, of great importance to the survival of humanity. Why would they be of such significance? Were they not the ones who wrote the Book?


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