Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chimps Weapons Evolution Scripture - HUH?

Date Line February 22, 2007

The authors of the recent Current Biology paper conclude that their findings support a theory which holds females to have played the important evolutionary role promoting tool technology among early humans.

This conclusion was made from the discovery, and analysis of the social spread, of spear usage among Chimpanzees. Chimps using weapons and forming hunting parties – just as early man did. Think about it.

The importance of women in the evolution of modern society is underscored by their being attributed – by Herodotus, under the name Amazon – the development of iron weapons and the taming of horses.

The Amazons, we are told by Herodotus and other early historians, lived along the Turkish coast of the Black sea. Archaeology has clearly affirmed the existence of a warrior class of horse riding women – many of whom were buried, arrowheads marking the fatal wounds, with their weapons after being killed in battle.

These are the women of the writers – those who invented writing and gave birth to religious history as we know it through the many ancient scriptures found along the Silk Road.

In the evolutionary cycle, did man develop only to destroy itself – and, in a few million years, will it be replaced by the descendants of these weapon wielding chimps?

It is a thought divergent from this blog, but one worth considering in its context: What is the evolution of man? Is it one of various primates, more or less closely related, any of whom can become the final product?

Is human evolution tied to a specific bloodline? Are there many “races” – differing mutated yDNA – not separated by skin color, but rather by haplotype modal. Is it possible that the Nazis had it right – though they didn’t understand that the same Aryan race they wanted to promote was epitomized by those races it sought to exterminate? These being the people of the Black Sea region – those whose modal is prevalent among the Ashkenazi Levite.

A curious basis for racism. The promise of scripture which talks of the chosen people – talks of it in all the books associated with these people ... no matter where they went along the Silk Road.

Or was the chosen people bit just an early precursor to Nazi like racism? Who are those who will survive? Shall we seek to embark upon a challenge to scripture? Or, shall we fall into a pattern of affirming it?

What we are learning? That the Chimpanzee is a master of tools and weapons; that the female of the species is the one – as the Bible decreed – which passes on the culture between generations.

Are we learning, or is there a closed mind of religious bigotry out there which turns its back on that which is affirmed through objective examination?

Gardening, the Tree of Knowledge, the fruit which, first bitten by Eve, gave men the skills to go forth from the Levant; to move into Turkey and around the Black Sea; to meet with the “Sons of G-d” and the women who mated with them to yield a race with a life span of only 120 years in place of their earlier thousand year span... Ah the myth and truth ... how they intertwine to yield possibilities. _____________________________________________________

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