Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush Seeks to destroy America (a bit more)

Two weeks into a new year and the Right-wing nonsense continues. Now Bush wants to “surge” troops into Iraq. Gee, sounds like “Shock & Awe” revisited – otherwise known as setting the stage for the waste of billions more dollars borrowed from China.

Then to, there is waste the Right-wing never really cares about – the waste brought about from the dead and maiming of our children and grandchildren. But, Right-wing voters asked, so they shall receive.

Has anyone told these fiscal incompetents they are spending Social Security Funds on their war of choice?

Has anyone told them they are spending which would be better used providing medical care to our children, the infirm, and the veterans who fought the moral wars?

Are they proud of the destruction they are causing to this nation? Is it possible they do not know that they are spending money needed to educate our children and create a competitive workforce?

There is the reality, they do not care about this nation beyond what they can bleed from it. When is Washington going to care about this nation and stop giving money – and competitive advantages – to foreign governments? Why should we care – you got yours ... Right?

This business-as-usual nonsense had gotten so bad that last week I went off on my genealogy DNA tangent. Of course, being me, I had to see a pattern, and post it to a professional board for verification – which caused a hell of a stir among Genetic-Archaeologists. That’s my “Silkroad Modal Haplotype (SMH).”

I posted a follow-up to last weeks column on my blog: Shrecenangst You might learn what happened to the “Lost Tribes”.

No matter, we have current history, and the future, to deal with. So, while Bushites seek more ways to destroy our nation, we need to take a look at what’s in store for us from Augusta.

A while back, during all that talk of SAD 37 breaking up, I said the right idea was more consolidation. John got re-elected and right out of the gate he’s proposing reducing the state’s 152 districts to 26.

Yea Team! Now if he will also take over payment of teachers salaries – with a uniform statewide pay and seniority scale – maybe our schools will actually improve.

The reduced accounting cost would save millions. Moreover, in that single act, the state will substantially reduce the burden on local taxpayers – who would then be supporting bricks, mortar, and teams.

OH! Have you seen the SAT results? MMHS only partially met the standards – remove my kid’s scores from the averages and they failed to meet standards. Even without that assist, Narraguagus beat ya.

Do you think anyone will get the message? The nonsense has got to stop. John seems to have gotten the message, but the legislature and towns haven’t. Back the proposal to fix property assessments to the purchase price plus base inflation while held by the same family.

We have transfer payments of all kinds. Each different payment, like Property Tax Refund Program, adds an accounting & verification layer of bureaucracy – let the State write a check to the town. The more stable the community, the bigger the check.

Those who want gambling – you’re a product of failing schools. You are advocating poverty. Get LNG, make salt from sea water – do something productive and entrepreneurial. Stop wasting resources.

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