Saturday, December 30, 2006

End a Year, Start a Year ... always remain "Under the Curve"

What is “Under the Curve”? Is it a reflection of a trend that has made, is making ,or are about to make, its their way into the public consciousness?

Bush Right-wing apologists thought not; but then came the election and Bush’s own admission that he had lied about us “winning”, and regrouped with the statement that “we aren’t losing” in Iraq.

Bush is right, we aren’t losing – we have lost. Democracy cannot be imposed by an outside entity. We will win only when Bush realizes that he should not increase our presence, but withdraw it and let the Iraqis sort things out for themselves.

Our role should be the keeping of all other parties in the region from butting in. NO foreign troops, NO foreign money or supplies to support the insurgents. Unfortunately, that would mean Bush would have to turn on his Saudi paymasters.

Things will play out. We can, as seems to be the sense of the times, allow the remaining Right-wing to do its worst. In ten, maybe twenty, years the bill will go to your children and grandchildren.

Global warming will submerge the coastline. Edgar Cayce will be proved right – the great lake will flow into the Gulf and corn will grow at the Canadian border.

The debts – the billion or so a week we are amassing from the Bush tax cuts and war – will come due in a decade or so. China is already collecting through agreement which allow them to place tariffs on our goods which are ten times the ones we place on theirs.

You are being robbed, cheated, swindled. It has been going on for the past six years and is going to go on for the next two. By then, you will not have learned your lesson – or will have learned it too late – and the thief will continue for another four or maybe eight.

We will have our Armageddon. We will have our conflict. But there will be not discernable “rapture”. No salvation. Maybe a supposed Savior, but only for those who manage to make it through the horrors.

Isn’t that a cheerful tone to set for a new year?

That’s OK – pay me no mind; you wouldn’t anyway. But! If you can, take the time to think about the choices you make. Take the time to act from thought – display a little “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding” – and decide issues as if you salvation was a matter of surviving the period ahead of us; and not a matter of prayer.

Washington County has a lot of hard, stupid, or smart, choices ahead of it. We know the state ignores us – it always has. We know the Federal thinks less of us than the State does. But this is Washington County!

We fought the first naval battle of the Revolution; and it is who were the cause of there being a Marine corps.

We built the sailing ships that ruled the seas during the first century of American History. We are Washington County, and we are a force to be reckoned with – when we put our hearts and minds to it.

We don’t gamble for pennies. We provide that which New England needs; and New England provides what America needs. Our area of the country has, and will provide the brains to make this nation great.

Take that into the New Year. Dig your head out of the mud and help us become the economic force we were in days of the tall ships.

– Happy New Year –


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