Monday, October 09, 2006

Vote the future of you children

George Orwell said: "Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious." However, what is obvious is often so horrifying that it is better to ignore it, an accept that restatement.

We are now less than four weeks from a midterm election which will determine our future as a nation. A bit dramatic – fearfully accurate.
George Walker Bush – seen as a fool, but having twice achieved election to the highest office in the land, one wonders if the fool was on the ballot or in the booth. Is he a fool? Think about it.

Think about Bush’s answer when Bob Woodward asked how history would record his legacy: “History, we don't know. We'll all be dead."

What a delightful double entendre, “We'll all be dead." for a historian who won because of apocalyptic evangelical support. Yes, Bush is a historian – with a Yale history degree. Moreover, despite multiple business failures, he holds millions in cash – a credit to his Harvard MBA.

“We’ll all be dead.” An interesting phrase. Viewed apocalyptically it is a statement of the end-times for those denied salvation. It is the birthright of a nation whose roots stem from the Magog, the people of ancient European origins plunging toward their Judgment Day.

Superstitious nonsense tied to prophetic visions seemingly coming to fruition; but visions which are understandable to a student of history.
“We’ll all be dead.” All those who making decisions today shall pass away before the outcomes are known. Think about it.

Think of September 2, 1945 – ask who predicted Japan and Germany would be economic powers and a United States a debtor nation to a Communist China? Who would have seen it on December 7, 1941?

Prophecy and history take their meaning, and become clear, only to the living. They are the stuff of hindsight for those who, as scripture says – repeatedly – are the ones who “survive”, who live through it.

Read both Daniel and Revelation together, they are the same – the former updated to events and names known to the author of the latter. But! Daniel was mere history rephrased as a promise of a return to power which, in reality, never was. When those who lived it are dead, survivors interpret history.

Olympia Snowe supported the abrogation of one element of our First Amendment freedom of speech; Michael Michaud voted with those supporting denial of Habeas Corpus protection to detainees, and so voted against the Fourteenth Amendment requirements that all in our jurisdiction be afforded equal rights with citizens.

Only history will know the ramifications of these attacks on our basic freedoms and rights. Remember, when the Constitution was amended to permit graduated income taxes, it was to apply only to those who now have received the greatest exemptions – while the rest of us pay.
Western, European, Magog oil reserves will be depleted in time for the death of the last baby-boomer. Regardless whether his actions are justifiable, Bush will be correct, we will all be dead.

The Right-winger can dismiss Kyoto, Global Warming, and record deficits – the ramifications fall on the children and grandchildren of today’s school children. Like Bush, take solace: “We’ll all be dead.”

Candidates pander to the ignorant with short-term political posturing. Who speaks for your descendants? Do you? How will you vote, and why? Or, come election day, will it be that you don’t know, don’t care, don’t vote – then proclaim, “that’s not what I wanted?” VOTE!


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