Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Once again heading to Armageddon

Expressing umbrage over my column asserting “We invaded Iraq because Bush lied (Machias Valley News Observer, Letters, 20 Sept) a Right-wing reader from Northfield was kind enough to inform us all as to the reason we are now spending $11 million an hour in Iraq dealing with Iraqis insurgents.

It seems, in the reader's words: “We invaded Iraq because Saddam violated the terms of surrender he’d agreed to after the first Gulf War. We invaded because he failed to obey 17 United Nations Resolutions having to do with his WMD. We invaded because we noticed that for over 10 years Saddam obstructed the U.N. inspectors in their search for them. We invaded Sir, because we remembered that every announced obstruction reinforced our belief he had that which the world community had said, because of his track record, he must not have.”

I’m glad to learn that we invaded over nonexistent WMD, and resolutions that, if complied with to Right-wing satisfaction would still have yielded naught. That we invaded as military enforcers of U.N. resolutions – when the UN deemed it didn’t warranted it’s own Blue Helmet force. I’m glad to learn that there was no connection to 9/11. And that being the U.N.’s enforcer warranted, and justifies, the drain on our economy. More important, all these reasons justified the withdrawal of troops from the pursuit of Osama and the destruction of Al Qaeda.

With that cleared up, we all understand Right-wing priorities in its alleged “War on Terror” -- it takes second place to enforcing alleged violations of U.N. resolutions.

Does this mean Lebonon and Hezbollah are next? Armageddon shall return.

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