Friday, July 07, 2006

Woodcock Two - Maine Governor?

Last week got me thinking. As Bush is a great president, thus Woodcock would be a great governor. It will be interesting to see how he treats the least among us – as Senator, he ignored them.

He said he came as the least the least among us, how you treat them, so you treat Him. So, whoever we designate least, that is He. Is it possible a Creationist, a lay preacher, understands the complex simplicity of that reality? Neither Woodcock, nor his supporters do.

Poor Gideon – who believed himself the least in his father’s house; yet had servants, but feared his father’s household. Samuel, the seer, least among the least of the tribes – yet counseled a king.

Chandler E Woodcock – will he advocate obedience to the law? Dictate that not “one title shall pass from the law”? Or, shall he break the “least of commandments” – as Washington Right-wingers do?

Chan would like us to believe his campaign is built on trust. Trust? Is Chan even as righteous as an ancient scribe, or Pharisee?

Chan holds he is NOT a Conservative, thus he has warned us that he is not conservative. That he cannot be expected to behave in a manner which is fiscally, or socially, responsible

Chandler E Woodcock is not a “Conservative.” Well, he ain’t no Liberal. He certainly neither Green, Progressive nor Moderate – so, obviously, he is asserting he is a Nothing, and asking us to trust that he is Nothing. Do we want to elect a Nothing as governor?

Poor Chan, he makes such a good target. He has nothing to say – possibly because he is having trouble dislodging his foot, which probably has lodged close to his stomach.

Chan’s daughter, Sarah (nice Jewish name), is a teacher, his son is named Seth – things I can relate to; he spent 25 years as a teacher, yet doesn’t seem to grasp the faults inherent in the EPS Funding formula.

Chan’s name is associated with 329 pieces of legislation – 280 of which are “sentiments” and thus not substantive. The remaining 119 items reflect his desire to beat up on people who have paid their debt to society – except for one, intended to block Federal ownership of non-military use land in the state – basically, outlawing Federal Parks (LD 73).

The few items which passed were no-brainers proposed by others; most of what he supported died of its own stupidity. Let us contrast this to Senator Kevin Raye – just in the past year, he had five substantial pieces of legislation proposed and made law.
Chan’s record is clear – he cannot propose meaningful legislation, nor build consensus support for what he does propose. Is it possible that, as governor, he could do any better? And nowhere in his record is there evidence of an interest in the health, or education, of Maine citizens.

For those who think Bush is doing a good job, Chan would make a great get-nothing-accomplished, sink the boat, governor. He clearly represents a statewide IQ and rationality test.

Rational voters, see this as a time when we need changes – changes to make the tax structure more rational and less threatening to “the least among us”; changes to raise all our children to the level where they choose the University, and have it beg them to attend.

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