Monday, March 06, 2006

Seed of an Idea for an Earthshaking Book -germinates

The last recession in the United States ended in November 2001 – did you notice? Did it pass and its aftershocks continue until now, until 2006? Will we enter another recession before you are even aware the past one was over?

What level of shock does it take to shake the human consciousness into realizing it has, in classic sub rosa experience, been shaken, not stirred?

Now expand your consciousness – let it take the known and experienced and expand the observation to the broadest horizons of possibility – of spiritual realization – and consider this reality: The millennium; The Revelation of Jesus to John the Divine; The Apocalypse; it has come and it has gone ... and we are in the next life, the next experience, the next eternal reality ... and remember none of it – at least none beyond that which resulted in our being here and now.

The immorality displayed by Christians is because they are the immoral failures – those who didn’t make the cut. The prophecies of Islam may well have been fulfilled and those who are to be in heaven are already there – thus we see the Osama Bin Laden types, the Pat Robertson and Dobson types, the universal satanic types that would place harm and death before all else; those false prophets who would control the morality of the individual, rather than allow each to follow their own chosen path.

What if people actually read the prophecies – actually considered “for the time is near” to be an accurate representation of the world and what would follow before John’s death in 101CE ? Was it not just after that, or around that time, that we can peg the begging of the end for Roman power? Was the time not when Roman power was replaced by Church lead Roman power?

What of the tribulation – the Revelation is undated, Jesus was dead in 33 AD – Is it not to be a think of reasonable consideration to say that John – if he was really the author of the Revelation – was shown his visions within the decades to followed? Decades before the Tribulation which marked the fall of the Temple in 70 AD?

If we have the tribulation, then when do we start the clock? Do we measure from 70 to 1070? Is there a trailing off, or even a second thousand year period which can be implied from wording of Rev 20?

We know the Church of the City of the Seven Hills is the Church of Rome – Seven Hills is the ancient designation for Rome, which is the only city of the period that was founded on Seven Hills, and was commonly referred to as the “City of the Seven Hills”.

Mark the thousand year periods – mark the notion that when an ancient said “is near”, or “is now”, or “is upon us”, they knew they were talking in the immediate here and now – not some period to begin two or more millennium in the future.

And when the prophecy states, “The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed”, is it not reasonable to believe that they meant what they said? And is it just as reasonable, or more so, to believe that this period would be marked by the end of the thousand years – regardless of which reasonable date was selected as it’s beginning?

In the 1960's there was a popular poster which commented on world population: “Half the people who ever lived are alive today”. In terms of reincarnation we can rephrase that” “ALL of the people who have ever died are alive today.” Rev 20:05 has been fulfilled – and it is over; and the reign of the priest of god has come to an end – the Catholic Church, and its derivatives, have been marginalized in favor of Democracy.

If that is true, then Satan has been released upon the earth (Rev 20:7) to deceive all nations – hum didn’t Bush do that? Hasn’t Bin Laden attempted to do that within Islam? Is that why neither has directly attacked the other? They are one and the same, they are manifestations of the prophesied Satan released – and so cannot attack each other directly, nor can one destroy the other – and so we see why Bush turned from Osama to attack Saddam – Bush cannot destroy his reflection, or the source of his image.

Did not the visions of Fatima say these were the end times? Did not the Christian mystics of the last century – of the last 30 years – say these were the end times ... the times after the millennium and just before judgement?

Now here is a book to be written, one I claim the rights to – because nobody else has suggested even the possibility that Revelation has been fulfilled; certainly not in a format where they could assert a copyrighted claim – as I am doing now, derived from work begun in 1978 for Harper and Row Publishers (work cited as part of my biographical reference published in 1980's).

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