Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Passover-Easter Theory - who is the Divine?


Oh how things can change in a few days. To continue conservative thinking requires exploring all conservative issues. With Easter and Passover nearly upon us, my warped mind easily flows getting into it’s usual “try-to-rationalize-religion” – read, comprehend, and explain the “word” – mode.

Ok, that is the duty prescribed for scribes. (Oh for a smiley face to insert here.) I have an underlying theme, if you prefer, a refrain, that is a guide for determining the validity of actions – I bet you guessed it already.

It is the Golden Rule – which Hillel taught a young Yeshua, who, in turn, taught Israel’s Hellenistic Jew and Greek – to which scripture is explanation.

“What is hateful unto you, do it not to thy fellow man.” The natural corollary: “What you would desire for yourself, allow to your neighbor.”

Rev. Al Sharpton was on WERU, commenting on affirmative action and mis-actions of our political leaders; He had a great line: “Even if what you do will put you in Hell, I’ll fight for your right to go there.”

Sharpton, was expressing in democratic terms what John stated, in Rev 22:11 – Christian believers are commanded to allow each individual to freely choose what they want their life, or salvation, to be.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t warn them. But, as with the rule set down for Solomon, once warned, if they proceed the responsibility is theirs and theirs alone – their conscience, goals, and right to a democratic freedom of choice. All these rules and teachings are set aside by those who attack gays.

The bigoted would attack their neighbors, or their own aunts, uncles, children, and grandchildren – over an X chromosome genetic defect, and the desire of a few with that defect to marry. What proven defect you ask?

It seems that we have two Chromosomes, but only one is to be switched on – and the switch is random. Occasionally one parent’s DNA delivers a set of Chromosomes with a switch set to default to on – and this causes an individual to assume a non-heterosexual orientation, to exhibit homosexual traits, or outright behavioral patterns, which we call “being gay.”

Research establishes orientation occurs at conception, and is established by the second trimester. In the womb, as Chromosomes randomly switch on – determining if baby will inherit a trait from dad or mom DNA – a genetic X Chromosome defect will try to turn all mom’s DNA on. It’s that simple.

Mom then passes that chromosome to her sons – with the effect that they demonstrate effeminate traits, or change their sexual orientation. It is a birth defect which has grow within our population because, in the past, we forced concealment – gays passing as straight passed the trait to biological offspring.

I have a theory – some medical researcher will check it – that the cause is an individual having parents who are closely related and who pass the same X chromosome to a daughter, so that she has twin X’s, and DNA strands which are sufficiently identical to turn the randomizing switch off.

Like I say, it’s a theory. I’ll give you another one: all those people who say they are a divinity; maybe they aren’t totally crazy – maybe a self-awareness switch is turned on, revealing us to be part of a common entity; which, because our switches are off, they personalize to themselves alone.

Why is the Golden Rule instinctively correct and universal? Is it because
it is instinctively wrong to hurt yourself, or act against your own self-interest? Geneticists have long known that an organism is more likely to be altruistic toward another organism, a biological relative, which shares its DNA genes.

The Golden Rule makes no distinctions as to race, creed or nationality; and, in explanation, specifically precludes any such distinction. Take as an image that we are part of – for lack of a better simile – an ameba which is the universe; we, everything, are the equivalent of it’s equivalent of DNA letters.
Egotistically, we might be proto-brain cells; and, without our help, its immune system will handle defects. If you aren’t a defect, if you don’t hurt or interfere with the workings, you remain to become a self-aware part of the body. Eternity is divine birth, death and rebirth – divine resurrection.

Less egotistically, we are a thought within the mind of an ameba; we are it’s dream of what it wants to become. It is a single cell awaiting splitting, awaiting evolution as a clone of itself – sharing its world with itself. Does it wish to convert to a sexual being? Or remain a clone based entity?

It has all the time in the world, because “the world” is within its thoughts and feelings. Cloning, to create in ones own image – the starting point. To be aware, to have light, to be conscious of your being, to have space and heavens as being outside that space.

Shall we entertain this nihilistic thought? That we are naught but a thought; a thought which is as fleeting and insubstantial as any passing fancy – how many minds can absorb that possibility, and remain calm?

We are nothing because our faith-based society and institutions tell us we are nothing. We are naught be concepts which die for a lie. And that which some choose to worship – it is naught but their unknowing selves, the ameba, seeking out the meaning of life ... it’s own life ...

As I said, it’s just a Passover-Easter Theory on a Golden Rule.

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