Thursday, March 16, 2006

Neo-cons aren't Conservatives

Much to the chagrin of neo-cons (new conservatives), as mentioned last week, this Leprechaun is a Conservative; to the horror alleged “True Conservatives”, I am a Real Conservative, thus, am readily recognized as being “Liberal”.

Hum, guess that means I should support Barbara Merrill’s independent candidacy for governor – it’s said she proposes a deeply conservative, fundamentally liberal course for government. Might be worth checking her out – I did meet her, on March 13th, at Harrington’s Town meeting.

Yes my dear, in this Orwellian age; Black is White and Gray is the color of failure – spendthrifts call themselves conservative; millennia old conservative doctrine is liberal. It is a truth revealed by Bruce Bartlett, a Reagan Administration Conservative economists, who’s book, “Imposter”, mounts a scathing attack on both Bush administrations; even calling Bush 43 a liberal.

Duh! Yeshua taught the Golden Rule – which is as liberal an idea as one can find, it is also a real conservative guide, Hillel’s words: “What is hateful unto you, do it not to thy fellow man.”

From the fact that neither Bush, nor Rumsfeld, would allow themselves, or their families, to be subjected to “non-torture” practices at Guantanamo and elsewhere – which they clearly ordered – we know they are neither Christian nor Jew; thus, certainly not within a faith based community.

In denouncing Bush as non-conservative, Bartlett clearly errs in the assumption he is liberal. But Bartlett also seems blind to the fact that both Bush and Reagan violated law and Constitution – and proudly, defiantly, compiled record deficits and expanded our national debit.

It is comical to note that Bartlett – a self-described “True” Conservative – credits Clinton policies for saving America from Reagan’s “conservative” policies; and commends him for the amassing a surplus which Bartlett uses, comparatively, to denounce Bush family power driven doctrines.

Bush doctrines seem to be invoking events reminiscent of Constantine – 1700 years ago. History does repeat itself – Constantine’s empire fell, violence marked Christian religious schism, just as we see Islamic schism invoking talk of civil war in Iraq. False doctrines feed on their own.

Don’t you love such Orwellian contradictions? “Fiscal conservatives” create record deficits; the religious ones ignore, or contradict, clear doctrine; and alleged conservatives attack their own.

Fiscally, deficits are a chain that places us in bondage to our creditor – Communist China – and, as Marley warned Scrooge, it is “a ponderous chain” indeed – one which grows heavier everyday.

How should a true conservative behave? In 1835 Alexis de Tocqueville’s penned “Democracy in America”, writing, that American “enlightened regard for themselves constantly prompts them to assist each other.” (pg 647) This conservative concept is known as “enlightened self-interest.”

Enlightened self-interest – the doctrine that we profit most when we assist our neighbor; in psychology, it is the Orwellian contradiction which holds altruism to be an inherently selfish act.

The true Conservative rebels at the possibility of being a slave to anyone; preserves assets so that they will be available to their grandchildren – the environment and natural resources are national assets, a healthy populous represents the nations human assets.

For true Christians, to be conservative would be manifest as doing for the least among us as they would expect to do for their lord and savior – thus they would follow a decidedly liberal agenda.

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