Sunday, March 12, 2006

Explanding the thought

There is a delight in having intelligent children; and a sadness in those which fail to honor their ability and earned credentials.

We look to failure. What is it? Some say it is those who could never achieve – those who never saw the top and live at the bottom. It is certainly not those who saw the top and walked away – for those are the men of renown, the Siddhartha’s, and even the disciples honoring some religious mandate. Failure is the failure to achieve accompanied by the persistent hanging on in a lessor, or subordinate capacity.

Of course, saying that, one can see why, in my undergraduate days, asked to do an character analysis of “Paradise Lost”, I wrote an outstanding defense of Satan’s position; one which earned me the highest grade and an ace for the course.

It is far better to be master than slave. And what of being slave in a place of total boredom? Why live in the Western/Roman Christian Heaven? It is a place without no substance; a place with divine music, but only limited instruments upon which to produce it; it is a place of cloudy white – devoid of color and interest; it is a place where there is naught to do, save obey the whim of One who is, by their own decree, schizophrenic – a father who would be his own son, a being who does not know he is the father and so talks of him in the third person, a One who is dual and without either knowledge, or a deceiver of people.

Did this one know that Eve would select one tree before another – and thus select in the wrong sequence? And was it concealed and encased in a lie? Did the all powerful, all knowing, allow a serpent freedom of self expression to bring about the fall? Or was the event unknown – and so proving that the One was in fact unknowing – and lacking, thus a lesser deity? Thus, being lesser could be jealous and demand that no other deity be placed before him.

If that original presentation was flawed, how much more so when he is presented as being totally schizophrenic – which was the determination of Constantine’s Nicaea Council (in opposition to the wisdom of the Eastern Bishops).

Ah the pride one can feel when a child sees the wisdom by themself; and so raises doubts as to belief; but possibly missing the idea that the lessor deity had a superior deity who created it – and it is that One, which is the One; and so is the one worthy of acceptance. Of course, the One above all has no interest in the toys of its lessor offspring – and so no direct interest in us, unless we find a way to distinguish ourselves to the point of being noticed and accepted.

LOL – the thought process is still evolving; so has need of more specifics and coherent structure.

Fortunately, I can assert the existence of those who might expand upon it – and so gain temporal fame, or notoriety, which could also be the first step to wealth and success within their chosen fields. Ideally, they will see fit to save the baby as they discard polluted bath water.
But enough rambling for today ... LOL ... I blog as I read ... and associate that reading to past readings ... so random images appear, formulate, congeal and ... and ... and ... LOL

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