Thursday, October 13, 2005

Creationist is anti-deity

On the 13th, the bangor Daily News ran a letter from a Stockholm, Maine reader who asserted that Creationism could be construed to be a science, and then turned the discussion to the fact that “Atheists have never believed in God or His ability to create our earth and all life.”

The obvious question is: “Why should they?” Why should they wish to support religious leaders who have – both historically, and in the present day – engaged in actions leading to massive human suffering?

From the viewpoint of an atheist, the question is one of proof. Scriptural documents penned by the hand of man are not evidence of the existence of a divinity. That priests and ministers violate both sacred and secular law is a matter of objective fact – current and historic.

Creation Science– Creationism – despite the inclusion of the term “science” is little more than an impractical religious doctrine which, if applied to daily life in the same way evolution is, would lead to the extinction of the human species.

As for the assertion that an atheist might view evolution as a “godless theory” – that is true. Only it should be noted that the term “theory” as used refers to a body of evidence which is still being compiled – as opposed to a hypotheses.

Evolution is “godless” – any deity involved finished its work with the “big-bang”, thereafter, the evolutionary process simply describes the methodology utilized to bring about sentient life.

The biblical creation, like its cultural counterparts throughout the world, is only a rudimentary effort to explain the process of evolution – from the “beginning” until the emergence of the culture propounding the theory.

Pragmatically, a deity explains the moment before the “big-bang”. Creationists propound the idea that there is an interventionist deity – one incapable of achieving its objective from the start of the process.

Creationistic, and all other religious dogma which promotes ignorance and the concept of an incompetent deity, have – until the religion which is coming – failed to provide the “why” of the process. They fail to address the objective and final outcome which explains our existence.

Historically, practitioners of western religion have promoted ignorance, violence and destruction – while waving about a book which promotes wisdom, knowledge and understanding within the context of justice and equality for all people. That is going to end.

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