Sunday, September 04, 2005

an introduction

Intelligent Design (ID) promoted by those devoid of intelligence and incapable of designing an emergency procedure for an anticipate natural event.

The following two pieces, published, a week apart, in my newspaper column, explore an area of classic religious philosophical discussion – there is a comedy to them ...

That which grows from seed is not sprung whole – though the opinion that it did, that the garden was created in violation of natural cycles, seems to be assumed on the web.

Well, it seems the ID people would really like to control our school systems – there is a beauty to that idea, those who are capable of educating their kids would dominate. This is so because ID is based on magic and supernatural intervention ... a piece I will doubtless post at a later date.

For now ... enjoy Adam & Eve ... and the FACT that scripture approves of oral and anal sex. There will also be more on the second forbidden fruit – but not today.

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