Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Creator’s pissed at US

Hey guys! Watch out! The Creator’s pissed at US, and Katrina is the evidence. That seems to be the message being sent by a wide range of diverse fundamentalist groups.

Christian Coalition head, Michael Heath, declared Katrina God’s wrath on Gay pride; in a related statement, al-Qaeda broadened this, declaring, "God attacked America and the prayers of the oppressed were answered." Proponents of Intelligent Design also assert that a designer intervenes; in effect they advocate the same things as al-Qaeda and Heath.

Christian Coalition and Civic League founder, Pat Robertson, followed suit and blamed the victim’s – asking for donations to support white evangelical efforts to convert New Orleans’ poor black heathens.

Economically, the GOP response has been predicable. The nation needs money, Oil supplies have been impaired, and we are facing hundreds of billions in necessary expenditures. The GOP yells “cut taxes”.

In Maine, incompetent GOP members want a suspension of the gasolene tax. Granted, that would drop the per gallon cost; but it would also starve the state of $230 million for road maintenance and repair.

Worse, it would do nothing to encourage either short or long term conservation. If the GOP is serious about helping the average person, let them fund extensive home winterization – maybe begin a program to fully fund and install wind or solar on every rural home.

Both those options would do more to put money in our pockets than any short-term tax suspension. If they wonder how to pay for it – increase the gasolene tax and force people to conserve, or purchase fuel efficient vehicles. With conservation as an offset, there would be an across the board financial gain.

If we need more money to pay for necessary repairs and help the “poorest among us” – those who have lost as a result of GOP Homeland Insecurity planning – it is fiscal insanity to cut taxes.

At this juncture, prior tax cuts should be curtailed, or allowed to expire. Actuary problems with Social Security can be solved by eliminating the current contribution limit and allowing ALL earnings to be counted for payments.

Solving the Social Security problem would both replenish the trust fund and inject billions in cash into the federal treasury. Those funds, while still reflected as a deficit liability, would be real money to be paid back in the far distant future.

If it is the Creator’s wrath, an interesting observation – the major destruction over the past 16 months has been to RED districts and states. Blue districts within affected states have suffered minor damage. One must wonder, and ask, what would happen to voters who follow Christian Civic League dictates?

Bush declared the 16th a “National Day of Prayer” – prayer for the souls of those lost? Or prayer to appease and placate the wrath of the “Great Designer”? Maybe he hopes people will pray that Bush isn’t made to answer for his failings – or explain how a Canadian relief force arrived five days before our own forces?

I’d like to believe that all our prayers were devoted to those who lost, to recover, and those who helped, to prosper for their kindness and good work. Personally, I cannot believe in a wrathful deity – though I could recognize a stern father who provides warning of harmful choices and the hardship they bring.

Next? So many possibilities – and all bad for the honest, Creator loving and revering, citizens.

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