Sunday, July 31, 2005

President Walking Eagle

While I was listening to the radio and attempting to clean my garage, I heard a possible apocalyptic story of President Bush giving a speech before a Western Tribal Council. At the end of his speech, there were the customary presentations; these included a plaque embossed with a new Presidential Native American name – “Walking Eagle” (WE).

To support his Social Security proposal, WE asserted real economic growth of 1.8 %; in the context of historically high deficit numbers, he asserted 3.4 - 3.6 %. Where is the truth? WE doesn’t know.

We lied to the world about WMD. WE took from the health, education and welfare of our children, to affect the death of Iraqis children. WE put our brave troops in harms way without proper armor.
June 25 2005, WE’s response to requests for an Iraq exit strategy was clear: "There are not going to be any timetables. Why would you say to the enemy, you know, 'Here's a timetable; just go ahead and wait us out?'"

WE seems to have forgotten – our elections are scheduled. It’s part of democracy. A timetable is in place – it’s based on who wants to win in 2008, and the GOP is beginning to understand; there are Bills being introduced to start withdrawal in October 2006.

A former United Nations military expert, stated plans for the invasion of Iran are already in place – I have no doubt that an terror timetable for another 9-11 has already begun; but it must be post-2006 election and after the new Iran Presidency is established.

But, in reality, such prediction and speculation is meaningless. Our concern is our community. Our community is our county and its economic prospects. Those are, to a large degree, connected to the economic priorities of the nation – which are reflected in our national debt..

For perspective, it took the nation 225 years to amass a $5.7 trillion National Debt – most of which was the current this dollar value of WW2, Korea and Vietnam. The end of this Administration will see the National Debt doubled to around $11 Trillion.

About a third of current debt, money we owe us, is represented by Treasury Bonds which constitute the Social Security Trust Fund – WE declared them to be worthless IOU’s.

WE gets the thanks – states will be billed monthly for the cost of federal services. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has said, "For the first time state governments would be expected to directly finance federal Medicare benefits with state tax dollars.” A new problem for Maine’s budget planners.

Department of Education's Title I program, which helps children in high-poverty areas, is increasing by 3.2 percent, to $12.6 billion – but due to demographics, and a federal EPS formula, more than two-thirds of the districts will receive LESS funding. Gee, sounds like they used our EPS formula!

Red voters got their Walking Eagle – Why did the Tribes name him “Walking Eagle”? It’s a name given when the bird is too full of crap to fly.

CURIOUSITY -- Maine appears to be in the middle of a major drought that remains unreported.

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