Thursday, May 19, 2005

Defining our terms - for benefit of right wing idiots

It’s about time we started to examine what it means – or should mean – to be Conservative. It is a test that many who claim the title would obviously fail.

Conservative means, literally, to conserve – to protect the essence of both principle and principal. It is a way of addressing every aspect of life; and violation yields a Republican credit card lifestyle.

Fiscally conservative actions derive benefits from their long-term effects. Curiously a liberal view, can be the most fiscally conservative approach to both life and governance. As shown by federal budgetary practices (emulated by Augusta), current leadership is neither conservative nor liberal.

In Washington, the God of War has taken precedency over all other possible deities – a reality which has necessitated proposals for Social Security dismemberment, excessive borrowing, and a clear declaration that the full faith and trust of America is little more than worthless IOU’s.

The socially liberal approach to fiscal conservatism can be seen in our economic competitors – the the nations of the industrialized world, excluding the United States, have emulated dictates akin to those of Matthew 25. The result? Health care costs are 40% lower, citizens are better educated and there is less crime, or incarcerated citizens, than here.

We need to send clear warnings to the children in both Washington and Augusta – Don’t succumb "Right-wing hypocrisy." Be Truly Conservative ... and focus on building our domestic capital.

I call the current crop of politicians children – for that is what they are. Sound-bite games are not leadership; they are closer to the "cute" expressions of toddlers. The "right" engages in mindless recitation of rules without context. These were rules made when society was in formative period, when society was a child – the do’s and don’t’s.

When society matured the "do’s and don’t’s" were set aside – replaced by the word Justice. Then the single rule, enunciated by Hillel and Immanuel as the embodiment of all teachings – "What you don't like, don't do to your neighbor."

Social Conservatives blindly assert the laws which seem to benefit them, but ignore laws which, to them, are discomforting – they are, and will always be, children. It is a truth we cannot escape – children should not rule adults; rather, children should listen and obey.

When the right-wing challenges the teachings of Hillel and Immanuel they declare their need for illumination. To illuminate that which they wave about, turn to literary forms and ask: Is "Animal Farm" a child’s story, or critique of the Bolshevik Revolution? What of Gulliver and his travels – a child’s story or political satire? Then tell them to read the explanation in their hand.

The Creationist, advocate of "Intelligent Design" or servants of the Mars, the God of War – it is in the closet that they should be, and there seeking enlightenment from the Creator. Their view is a child’s reading of adult literature – the depth of which they cannot comprehend.

Social Conservatism, which does not seek to conserve society – joined with a fiscal conservatism, which fails to conserve our financial resources – yields "live beyond thy means" agendas in which money and assets are devalued, or wasted, to the detriment of society as a whole.

Must the children be reminded of the words of their storybook? "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." (Isaiah 29:13).

Washington County has the smallest and poorest population in the state – this is also our national distinction. The children in Washington and Augusta want to deprive our children of educations, healthcare and jobs. What they are doing to us, they will eventually do to our neighbors.

We claim to be a Vacationland, and Sunrise County. Stand in the sunshine – we have coastline to be developed; let’s encourage controlled residential development. We are dependent on others for energy; let’s acquire energy resources – including wind and solar. Let’s be Conservative.

As neighbors we can work together – focusing our energy on bringing the children to task.

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