Monday, April 25, 2005

Maine a bastion of discrimination

Alone among New England States, Maine stands fast as a bastion of discrimination – give thanks where thanks is due, to the bigots and idolaters comprising the Christian Coalition and Christian Civil League.

Their work, implementation of civil disenfranchisement by Takkanah – a religious order not found in scripture. The fact that they are compelled to utilize “Christian” in their name underscores the fact this Covin of immorality is intentionally violating our Constitutional separation of Church and State – just as they violate scripture.

At this point in evolution, their role is to collect the names to be stricken from the “book of Life”; while concurrently enumerating those who oppose Constitutional Rule of Law. Scriptural dictate: to Caesar only that which is Caesar’s – the theocratic equivalent of Church and State separation.

This Covin professes to be saving families by denying a segment of society a right to employment and public accommodations – invoking Lev 18:22 as if it dealt with sexual orientation when it fact it relates to prohibition against putting “seed” where it cannot grow. No similar prohibition exists for women – factually, there is no sexual orientation issue in scripture.

To invoke Leviticus renders infertility grounds for divorce; so the deceased husband will have an heir, a childless widow will have a child with his brother; and an infertile wife gives her husband a surrogate wife. Invoking Leviticus mandates their endorsement of polygamy (Le18:8 etc).

Invoking Leviticus means animal sacrifice, and violations lead to death by stoning. Being sexually fixated, expect the Covin to spy on couples in their bedrooms – to ensure they wash their gentiles after intercourse (Le 15:16). If YOU wish them to invoke scripture, do so; as St Paul (1Co7:19) declared, ALL the commandments must be honored – there are a total of 613.

Washing is a “choice”; homosexuality is determined in the womb. It is there the fetus is exposed to a hormonal disconnect – it’s genetic, runs in families. Some believe the hormones in our meats and poultry has made a normal 2% occurrence increase to 10-15% in industrialized nations.

Brain and genitals are both dependent on the timed release of matching doses of either estrogen or testosterone – when there is a disconnect in this process, the result is a homosexual or an asexual.

Asexual “sexual orientation” manifests as celibacy – hence, the Covins has an agenda attacking all who are, or appear, celibate. They also hate single parents – especially those who adopt children.

It is through wisdom, knowledge and understanding that the Laws of Moses derive their authority and are modified – the Coalition and Civil League invoke ignorance and bigotry.

The State of Maine – the local Caesar – holds that all people should be accorded the same rights and freedoms. The Covin seeks a vote declaring that Maine supports bigotry and discrimination. They only promote “save the family” laws which are detrimental to all families.

Covin members have long supported reduced educational funding for communities with elevated percentages of single parents – what have they said about the EPS funding formula? Where is their “people’s vote” to increase MaineCare funding for TANF families, and children?

Matthew (7:20) teaches we identify both a tree and a person by the consequences of their actions – by their fruit. Civil law and spiritual morality are separate (Matt 22:21) – morality is private.

We enter a time when the Law is written on the heart and the deity “will forgive and forget” sins (Je 31:34). Ignore the proclamations of those who demand their false laws be “on the books”.

With that admonition: On Tuesday, the 19th, the new Pope was elected and selected the name you read here an the 13th – Pope Benedict XVI. Malachy was right. Should we invoke the much used line: “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

It is written and proclaimed: "What you don't like, don't do to your neighbor" – honor that, and in the words of John Paul II: "Be not afraid." But! If you deny your neighbor justice, you may sign away your soul, and deny yourself a higher justice. Petitions are circulating – it’s your choice!

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