Saturday, March 12, 2005

Leprechauns, Paganus and Double Helix

Ah, Sur’n’t’is the time of the Leprechaun. T’is the equinox, when day and night are equal – first day of Spring. Latin paganus, pagan God and Goddess, Sun and Moon, entwined holidays of the “country dweller” – for it is since ancient times, pagans are any who dwell away from the city, or question Roman decrees.

T’was 433, Easter Eve, Saint Patrick lit churchyards fires to honor the Son’s Light – a challenge to heathen Gaelic serpent deity and joy to Leprechaun ancestors producing the Gaelic Cross. T’is also said Patrick chased the snakes from Ireland – but did the Emerald Isle ever have snakes?

Ireland has no evidence of ever being home to snakes – the snakes of lore were not serpentine, rather, from Cro-Magnon times serpent deities. Ancient serpent worshipers prized knowledge; so it was that, as their religion passed before St. Pat, their values remained.

The mystery of faith, that which we believe is not always that which we believe it to be. Paganus, those who do not blindly follow Roman decree – and Rome wise enough to lead where the people were already going. It was so with the first religious consolidations and will be in the future.

To that end, the National Association of Evangelicals have realized the creator isn’t "going to ask us how he created the earth, but he will ask us what we did with what he created." Leprechauns have always been environmentalists – it’s nice to see their message is being heard.

A Sumerian serpent leads Eve to knowledge; Moses raises serpent on a staff (Nu 21:9) – healing god Ningishita, Caduceus, Staff of Asclepius – DNA double helix, medical wisdom and cure.

It is a dictate older than the Roman Empire, take leadership in that which people already believe; guide them to the truth; they will follow you in any area where they hold no belief, preconceived ideas are changed to fit the dictates of more modern times – yet ancient serpents prevail.

In my artistic days, I was involved in creation of a group called Filmmakers Projection – at a time when the filmmaking underground was coming to the surface. Andy Warhol had just released his “Empire”and soon became a member; a kid named Scorsese, recently mentioned at the Oscars; a young filmmaker and talented cinematic humorist, Mike Sullivan – his comical, thought provoking work, “A story for another Easter”, provides the reference for my equinox-cum-Easter tale.

“Another Story for Another Easter”
And they recited the words he had spoken – without meaning. And so he came, he proclaimed to them that which was right, and they nodded, approved, and continued as they had been doing.

And this time, his father, knowing the answer, asked: “And why do you not reveal yourself, why do you not proclaim your arrival?”

The boy looked upward, toward the old man who had seen the process begin and would judge the end product. “I did once, and you know saw what they did to me – blaming your people for their faults, corruption and defects for which they are the cause.”

“They use my name, assert it as authority, but they don’t know me – any more than I know them. Father, I take to heart the words, ‘Never again.’ Do not ask me to forgive them. Do not ask me, or your people, to again sacrifice for their misdeeds.”

The old man smiled, knowing that the time always comes – a time when the son must step forth and assume his rightful place in the family ... and his role in management of the family estate.

And when that time comes, it is the son who determines who shall be hired and who fired. It was a point of humor to believe his son might take the latter as literally as some among the people.

But for now, the son – like many the wise heir-apparent – chose to walk, incognito, among those who would soon serve him as they should his father.

Told the prince is dressed as a peasant, it is a wise person who treats every peasant like a prince.

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