Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Welcome Equinox – Dawn of Spring. A celebration started when a Pharaoh, by divine decree, set Joseph’s people walking in the dessert – death to those in their wake and later to those occupying the land they were to receive.

It would be 1349 years before the great Rabbi – the anointed one – would come forward. From Daniel (9:24) it was just 490 years to the birth described in Isaiah (7:14) – Greek myth joined.

Once again the divine decree demanded death –“the Anointed one will be killed” Daniel (9:26); as wise as he was, in his final moments, the Rabbi, son-of-man, believed he was forsaken; Immanuel, didn’t recall – death follows action and thus history is written.

A scriptural riddle t’is true, from me to you:

Who brings death to a people, to start history anew?
First to keeper, then to speaker, thence to kept.
The tree of David cut to stump, roots spring life.
From death predicted time does start.
From the seed, the tree, the roots reborn.
At portends and signs some might baulk,
Of Da Vinci’s Code should we talk?
Earth’s quake, modern Babylon to destroy.
T’is Mahdi jointed by Eisa they await,
Perfect justice and fairness promised.

By Roman decree – via Council of Nice, in year 325 – "Easter was to fall upon the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the Vernal Equinox.". Name honors ancient paganus goddess, Eostre, symbolic of new life through fertility and wife to Roman valentines deity, Faunus.

T’is said Eostre saved a bird whose wings had frozen – she turned it into a long-eared rabbit who retained the ability to lay eggs! The ancient faith retained in modern Easter symbols, rabbit and egg. A tradition of pagan worship among those who denounce pagans. Symbolic rebirth, fertility – now resurrection. The true meaning of Eostre.

Post-Mass medieval walks became parades; Lent, fasting – daily laid eggs, uneaten so preserved through boiling – Roman, Gaul, Persian, Chinese, they all had the tradition of coloring.

In Germany, the Holy Roman Empire, 1682, the rabbit which laid eggs hides them in the garden. It is the Germans who rendered egg and rabbit in chocolate – giving birth to the traditional Eostre egg hunt. German traditions, via Victoria’s husband and prince, came to us.

Ishtar, Austron, Ostern, Èastre – the name evolves; Spain marks Pascua de los hebreos – “Easter of the Hebrews”, the Passover; Eastern Orthodox mark a different time; but origins go deep – to the Chaldean Gate of ancient Babylon, modern Iraq and Iran; by prophecy, doomed to be blessed.

Ah Prophecy – (2 Tim 3) Red against Blue – do not judge, lest ye be judged; bear they neighbors burden as your own; sin removed is earned again through the acts of those who follow. Attending services, they don’t believe – Matthew is lost on them, they promote injustice in courts and laws.

Pagan vines grows strong, roots penetrate into Rock, change unchanging, paganus continuity of tradition against a background of ritual is kept: Passover meal for the circumcised (Ex 12:48) and to others (1 Cor 5:13) an obligation to sanction among their own.

But it is a time to rejoice – the gift of life, return to life, twin traditions leading to the day when it will come to pass that there shall be, as Isaiah was shown, perfect justice and fairness throughout the world. Rejoice! The prince walks among you – and he too enjoy’s chocolate eggs. Have a ... HAPPY EASTER

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