Friday, January 21, 2005

Humble Farmer

Hey ... was just listen'n to Maine Public radio -- Humble Farmer -- and he's joined us here at Humble Farmer . Now that's cool ...

Somehow it seems reasonable that his posts would be out of date sequence ... for example, today's post (Jan 21) is down near the bottom and precedes Friday Jan 7th ... but it follows Jan 14th ...

Now listening to him as I type -- seems he's on about the chinese Calendar ... would be interesting, if I hadn't finished a column mentioning the same, or related, stuff for Chinese New Years. Now I know I didn't hear this show before I wrote my column, and I also know he didn't see a draft of the column ... t'ain't it funny how minds seem to work along the same lines about the same time?

Oh well, back to the music.

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