Sunday, October 31, 2004

Two Days - will it be Trick? or Treat?

There are but two days left.    The choice appears to be between events that will eventually lead to Armageddon ... and a path which will postpone, or alleviate, the occurrence.    The biblical Armageddon, Tel Megiddo is located at Lat: 35°12’E, Long: 32°35’N    and is, in reality, an ancient site of numerous battles.    It has been occupied, and fought over, for more than five thousand years – mention of the fortified city appears in Egyptian documents dated to 3,500 BCE.    It is quite natural that it should be considered a place of importance in the future, and so has a place in the Revelation tale that is consistent with it’s past.

Revelation is an interesting, if frustrating, prophecy.    There are symbols upon symbols; symbols without end; symbols that can be imposed upon almost any world location or event.    Probably the most “ humorous ” is the saga of the seven vials – poisons which befall the waters and kill fish; much like mercury poisoning has become a reality of today’s world.    There is a “woman” that is a great city – one which burns as the World Trade Center burnt.    The WTC was, of course, built on the location of the original New York, and so, symbolically, was New York City (Rev 17).    It would be interesting to find someone who dissected Revelation and interpreted it in terms of 9/11.    Twenty years ago, I wrote a work for Harper & Row Publishers called “ Prophecy Notebook” in which I equated the Four Horseman to the epidemic and wars in the early to mid-twentieth century.    The Prophecies of Nostradamus cover the period up to next year – but tell of the world continuing well past then.    He also included many prophecies regarding “New City” and even one telling of the destruction of two structures with red skies to be seen into the 45th Latitude.

Two days left to the election.    An interesting place in history.    The world’s most powerful military power crippled by men with box cutters.    The world’s foremost economy, crippled by a pair of religious zealots – one in the White House and the other in a cave.    Two days with a nation evenly split – for and against an established liar.    The Book of Revelation (22:15) mentions those who love and make lies – they are outside the gates of the City.    These people are also the fearful (21:8), unbelieving, murders – hum, we killed one hundred thousand (100,000) innocents in Iraq – who shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone ... which is the second death.

Isn’t religion fun?    But enough of such nonsense.    twenty-four hours to think and another twelve in which to vote.    In the end, the world will see how American Democracy works – and have an opportunity to decide if they want any part of it.

TWO DAYS ... and counting
Osama has already early voted ... for Bush

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