Thursday, October 07, 2004

Today's story: "The Wolf Who Cried Wolf"

Neat phrase: “Romantically disenfranchised”.
Sure as hell beats “dumped”.

What do you do when it is the wolf who is crying wolf?

We all know the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” – but have you ever thought of the ramifications of a wolf doing so?

As we know, the premise of the Shepard Boy story is a young and very bored boy charged with watching over the flock and yelling the alarm if a wolf were to appear. The townsfolk would then rush out and kill – or chase off – the wolf. The boy thought watching his elders engage in a “Chinese fire drill” would be fun, and so gave the alarm just for fun. At a later time, he did this again. And yet again. Eventually the townsfolk got wise to his antics and stayed in their homes. Unfortunately for the boy, one day, the wolf did come – and the townsfolk didn’t. The boy was eaten by the wolf.

Now imagine the smart “wolf ”. He lets out the alarm and runs away. He repeats this until the target population fails to respond. It is then that he takes the sheep.

On the global scale, imagine Bush 43 as the Shepard, Bin Laden releasing detailed plans for a terrorist attack – that never comes. The nation goes on alert, and politicians take credit for “stopping” the attack which was never going to happen.

Bin Laden, our wolf, then repeats the process. This is done until the politicians begin to caveat the warnings with the words “old data” – “questionable sources” – and other terms designed to communicate the idea that they no longer believe their own intelligence. Of course, there is the possibility that the information is correct – and that mandates acting upon it.

Now what is the objective of the Wolf? To eat the sheep?

What is the objective of Bin Laden? To sow fear and impose expense which will cripple the economy of the target nation?

And so it is ... we see why the wolf would cry wolf ... and why it works.

Bush 43 selected to evade the responsibility he had – he failed to track down the wolf and kill it. The wily wolf consumes our resources without ever exposing himself.

Bush 43 boasts that it is better to fight terrorists on foreign soil, and distant from our homeland. Is the wolf less intelligent? Where are the terrorist strikes? Are the in Afghanistan or Pakistan? Or are they also on foreign soil – the place of Bush 43's choosing, Iraq? Was the wolf a fool to acquiesce to this Islamic land standing against both fundamentalist Iran and their financial source, Saudi Arabia? Bush 43 has destroyed the one nation which had, as its prime desire, destruction of two nations that are far more dangerous in Jihad than any imaged or fantasized about WMD.

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