Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Seven Days ... not in May ;D

Poor, poor Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi – he bite the hand that feeds him and it slapped back. While meeting with members of the Independent Election Committee in Baghdad, October 26, 2004. Iraq's U.S.-backed government said that 'major neglect' by its American-led military allies led to a massacre of 49 army recruits at the weekend. In one of the bloodiest attacks on Iraq's fledgling security forces, the unarmed recruits were shot in the back of their heads after being stopped by guerrillas posing as policemen as they traveled home for leave in the northeast of the country.

A raise of the hand and Bush’s puppet, Iyad Allawi, softened his tone an moved away from the truth – after all, he wouldn’t want to hurt George’s re-election chances ... that could cost him his job and possibly his life. We must remember the lessons of “Wigs” in our own nation at the time of the Revolution – they were generally summarily hung, and their houses burnt to the ground. Then there is the lesson of WW2 – and German occupied France; or the reason Vietnamese collaborators unceremoniously fled Saigon as it fell. When a nation has been attacked, and is under enemy occupation, Quislings are never approved of and generally fear for their lives.

Seven days to elections – and the world sees exactly how dishonest American “freedom” really can be. Look to courts. Look to the world view of a nation where citizens are denied their voting rights and disenfranchised so that an established liar can retain power over oil – the power to stop its flow and enrich himself and his associates.

Seven days and counting
Seven days, with no back-steps

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