Sunday, October 10, 2004

On another note – or not...

WELL, Bush 43 got the Afghan elections he’s been boasting about. You can tell they were his elections – they were marked by fraud and incompetence. At home, the dishonesty continues – spin the spun – WMD have become the ability to possibly obtain information in the future and maybe disseminate it to terrorists.

Is Bush 43 really that stupid? Doesn’t he know that the terrorist supports are studying at our colleges and universities – and universities throughout Europe – and we are teaching them the art of making WMD? OH RIGHT! Bush 43 doesn’t read, never studied, and was too drunk to take his Air National Guard physical. He’s out of it. His behavior at the Second Debate was typical of any long time substance abuser. That alone is enough to get 50% of the people backing him – and ensure re-election. He can get the smoker vote; most of the obesity vote; a substantial percentage of the drinker vote, and all the OUI vote. If it wasn’t for fat that there is substantial overlap in those four areas, Bush 43 could be re-elected by the widest margin in American History – as is, he’ll need to be content with a small margin and another round of Supreme Court support.

The stock markets will speak – recession leading to possible depression – the reward for stupidity.

On another note.

Does anyone really believe in “haunting”? Is there anyone out there who truly believes in Ghosts, Satanic Witchcraft, and Black Magic – that is, aside from Bush 43?

Does anyone believe there is an active God who takes an interest in the everyday life of humans? If so, why? And why would any all powerful deity allow a creature like Bush 43 types to exist? Why would He want to allow an Osama Bin Laden? Why would he allow the destruction of the atmosphere and soil?

If Armageddon is a real possibility, is it to occur now? If there truly is a God, is She so fed up with the mess we made that She’ll engage in some serious housekeeping? If so, are those who vote for Bush 43 doing God’s work and setting the stage for the destruction of all mankind? If so, guess we should all vote for Bush 43 and be done with it.

Have the Hopi done their final dance yet?
Have the Hopi said “It is time”?
Has the last of the true believers in Hopi culture been swept up to the sky?
Christians don’t pay attention – that is the Rapture they talk about. It is not Christians who get taken to heaven, it is the last of the true believer Hopi. The ones who proclaim both the end and beginning. “The Book of the Hopi” is an interesting read – especially when matched to other scripture from around the world –it, by comparison, explains why Christians are so fearful of education and knowledge ... and why the Jewish revere it.

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