Sunday, October 03, 2004

Just finished sending a letter to each of my oldest – long distant scolding. Man, I know – have been told – I qualify as the most patient of people. I find the positive in just about everything, and when I’m negative I’m very positive that I’m being negative ... LOL ... But my two oldest reached the point where they qualify as poster children for "waste of sperm" awards. BLAH!
So many lucky people Blogging ... they haven’t reached an age where they have kids; or, at least, not kids beyond the "cute"stage. With my two oldest, it’s as if, somewhere along the way, their brains were fried, scrambled and dumped on the floor.

LOL ... Now that I think about it, their brains probably were fried – there are several years where I’m not sure what they were doing ... except I know they were lying ... sigh ...
When to save the draft of this and the friggin’ thing hung and registered "not responding" ... maybe some deity warning me not to say anything more ... ended it without a save, reopened to do again and wonder of wonder the program told me there was a saved backup ... ain’t these here computee thin’s just great?

Well ... back to Bush bashing ... check out this site:
PsoTD ("Political Site of the Day") Or maybe "Everything is Wrong"

Bush bashing is such a nice pastime ... almost makes me want him to stay around for four more years ... unfortunately I know what that would mean to both the country and the world ... the world has enough problems, and the nation – well, I would like to have a peaceful retirement ... collect my Social Security ... and travel. I really don’t need the crap Bush will get us in to. There is an interesting aspect to Bush being re-elected ... my daughter said she’s voting for him ... and she (and her brother) deserve what he’ll do to their future. But the glee I’d have in that prospect doesn’t outweigh the sorrow it would cause everyone else. Sigh ...

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