Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate Three -- Kerry had the facts; Bush lies

I’d love it if the media played Bush’s words from the third debate against his statement of March 13th 2002:
Claim: Bush said he never said he wasn't worried about Osama bin Laden.

“And [Osama Bin Laden is] just – he’s a person who has now been marginalized. His network is -- his host government has been destroyed. He’s the ultimate parasite who found weakness, exploited it, and met his match…So I don’t know where he is. Nor -- you know, I just don’t spend that much time on him really, to be honest with you. I…I truly am not that concerned about him.”

CNN reported response: "Well, as I say, we haven't heard much from him. ... And, again, I don't know where he is. I -- I'll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him. I know he is on the run. I was concerned about him, when he had taken over a country. I was concerned about the fact that he was basically running Afghanistan and calling the shots for the Taliban. But once we set out the policy and started executing the plan, he became -- we shoved him out more and more on the margins."

Gee ... did Bush lie again? No problem ... that should get him votes – if only for brazen chutzpah.

Bush focused on NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND – an under funded and il-conceived plan which imposes unfunded mandates on communities. Basically, NCLB is a tax on the poor communities that it supposedly is designed to assist. Add to that cuts in after school programs – again for these same communities and students at risk of being left behind.

Bush will have gained support from those who love the backdoor way the lower classes – read minorities – are being pounded. On the topic of education – notably math ability
Claim: Bush said 75 percent of known al Qaeda leaders have been brought to justice.
CNN Fact Check: CIA officials have estimated that 75 percent of the two dozen or so known al Qaeda leaders as of September 11, 2001, have been either killed or captured. The nonpartisan International Institute for Strategic Studies estimates that al Qaeda has about 18,000 potential operatives.

One basic reality – just the Al Qaeda leadership working within Iraq would equal, or exceed the number of “leaders” captured. So we have a blatant math error – not a lie, just a President who failed anything he couldn’t buy his way through.

We could go into Bush’s economic math – but if he can’t get the percentage of Al Qaeda leader correct, than it seems impossible to accept he could get budget projections right. Fact – yesterday $140 billion was added to tax breaks for corporations; that’s $140 Billion more on the deficit.

I want to see the first
in the nation’s history
At the rate he’s going – he’ll do it by 2006

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